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Special services at Foreus

Special Services

At Foreus, we understand that today’s economic, cyber and crypto crime challenges are multifaceted and complex. For this reason, we offer a wide range of “special services” beyond our core competencies. These services are designed to meet the specific and often very demanding security and investigative needs of our clients.
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Eavesdropping protection

40% of companies report cases of information theft in which eavesdropping plays a role.

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Brand piracy

The global economy loses an estimated $300 billion annually due to brand piracy.

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Patent infringements

Over 60% of patent disputes result in out-of-court settlements, which highlights the complexity of these cases.


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Our expertise

Reveal, Track, Support: Foreus Special Services

Reveal, Track, Support: Foreus Special Services

Our special services also include scanning PCs, mobile phones and laptops, personal information research, prosecution of patent infringements and support in out-of-court settlements. With a team of experienced professionals and cutting-edge technological resources, we at Foreus are well equipped to assist you with your individual challenges.

Case studies

#1: Wiretapping and eavesdropping protection

We conducted a comprehensive security audit for a leading technology company to detect hidden listening devices. Our experts identified and neutralized several sophisticated listening devices in conference rooms, preventing potentially devastating information leaks.


Identifying and neutralizing sophisticated eavesdropping devices in conference rooms enabled the company to ensure the highest levels of security and confidentiality, which in turn helped protect its trade secrets and maintain its competitive advantage.

#2: Scanning devices

In an industrial espionage case, we helped a client secure evidence by performing forensic analysis of PCs and mobile devices. The data obtained was crucial for the legal prosecution of the parties involved.


The data obtained played an essential role in legal enforcement against the parties involved, leading to strengthened legal protection and potential claims for damages. Our analytical services enabled the client to take fact-based legal action and effectively defend its interests.

#3: Combating brand piracy

We conducted undercover investigations for a well-known luxury brand to uncover counterfeits and imitations. Our work led to the closure of several illegal production sites and the seizure of counterfeit goods worth several million euros.


Through our work, the brand was able to protect its reputation, ensure the safety and satisfaction of its customers and protect the market from counterfeit products. Our investigations played a key role in securing the luxury brand’s intellectual property.

#4: Personal investigation during debt investigation

In a complex debtor absconding case, we successfully located a fugitive debtor who was hiding abroad. Our investigation enabled the client to take legal action and recover a significant portion of the outstanding debt.


Our investigations led to effective enforcement of the client’s legal claims and helped to minimize financial losses. Our successful location of a fugitive debtor abroad enabled our client to take legal action and recover a significant portion of the outstanding debt.

Intelligence & Investigation

We protect our clients’ interests with tailored solutions to reduce potential risks. We use the latest technologies for our wiretapping and eavesdropping protection services. In the area of ​​brand piracy, we support companies in protecting their intellectual property rights. With our personal research services, we help you obtain information about individuals. We also offer comprehensive support in out-of-court settlements and the prosecution of patent infringements to protect our clients’ interests, resolve disputes and protect intellectual property. Our company consists exclusively of experts and the discreet handling of our customers’ data is our highest priority.

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