Intelligence against Crime

About us

We protect your interests against white-collar crime and digital threats. Our investigative experts use the Intelligence Cycle to uncover and prevent fraud, embezzlement, espionage and blackmail. Our cyber and crypto investigation specialists are at the forefront of protecting your assets from the latest threats.

As your “private intelligence service”, we offer customized solutions tailored to your individual needs to uncover hidden risks and provide you with strategic advice. With a combination of forensic expertise and cutting-edge technology, we are the line of defense that protects your business from financial and reputational damage.


Our vision is to set the standard for trust and security in business and to be recognized worldwide as a pioneer in the field of private investigations. At Foreus, we want to equip companies with the clarity and protection to be secure and successful in the age of information.


Our goal is to ensure the protection and security of our clients’ assets through advanced technology and methodical precision. We meet the complex challenges of today’s business world by consistently applying the Intelligence Cycle. We are thus setting new standards in private information procurement and analysis.

Stefan Embacher

Chief Executive Officer

Dominik Amann

Operations Director

Ricardo Hager

Head of Crypto Intelligence

We are known from


We offer flexibility and transparency in pricing to meet your individual requirements.


Services are charged at a fixed hourly rate. Suitable for defined, short-term tasks.

Flat rate

A fixed amount for projects with a clearly defined framework enables precise budget planning.

Mixed calculation

A combination of fixed and variable costs for projects whose extent can change.

Express surcharge

If rapid intervention is required, additional costs are incurred to ensure immediate and priority processing.


Long-term engagements are billed via a subscription model, providing ongoing and predictable support.

Based on success

In some cases we work on the basis of a success fee.

Privacy ethos


Ensuring the confidentiality and protection of all client information.


Absolute accuracy and integrity in the handling of all data.


Expert handling of all information to the highest professional standards.


Compliance with all relevant data protection laws and regulations.


Restricted and monitored access to sensitive data based on strict authorization criteria.


Proactive identification and elimination of security gaps through regular audits.


Continuous training of employees in data protection and confidentiality policy.


Disclosure of our practices to clients as long as this does not jeopardize security.


Establishment of protocols for risk assessment and mitigation when handling classified information.


Commitment to ethical decision making and prioritizing client protection.