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The challenges


Increasing networking is changing the world. Today, the Internet is THE basic infrastructure for business, society, science, education and politics. And, of course, criminals are also taking advantage of these opportunities: Cyber-crime, data theft and extortion, crypto-crime, etc. pose new challenges to lawmakers, law enforcement and regulators. The deep and dark net in particular is becoming increasingly important as a “playing field”.

We know our way around this playing field.

Our solution approaches have become a crucial component for:

  • the court-usable information procurement of fraud offences and
  • target-oriented information gathering for the early detection and prevention of hacker attacks.

Our value proposition

Value proposition

We obtain early, comprehensive, and correctly interpreted data to detect and prevent damage, as well as targeted, court-actionable information to detect digital fraud.


We combine open source intelligence with software-based information gathering from the darknet. Analytical and forensic methods are used. The aggregated information is summarized in a comprehensible and legally usable report.

Our focus

  • Solving cryptocurrency-related cybercrime & crypto fraud crimes.
  • Financial fraud information gathering
  • Information gathering for early detection, prevention and defense against damage caused by cybercrime, industrial espionage and white-collar crime
  • Implementation of the “Crypto Investment Security Audit” (CISA)

The advantages of a
Cooperation with Us

white icon with light bulb - Gain the right knowledge

Gain the right insights

In court proceedings, you are always one step ahead with our result reports and can present facts.

A White Magnifier - Focus on the essentials

Focus on the essentials

Through our service, you gain real-time insights and focus on your business as a company.

white icon with eye and information - visualize information

Visualize information

In order to improve oure To understand our findings and to take the right steps to avert danger through our recommended action, findings are visualized graphically.

white icon screen with data - real-time alerts

Real time – alerts

Our data analysis enables
Real time notifications
of critical information for a rapid and goal-oriented response capability.

white icon with white screen and handshake - minimize business risks

Minimize business risks

By means of a targeted information gathering process on natural persons and legal entities, threats such as industrial espionage are detected and averted in advance.

white icon with globe and hand - use the possibilities of the digital world.

Take advantage of the possibilities of the digital world

By cooperating with us, the risk of economic damage is minimized.

The main features of our services


We connect the analog with the digital world.


By applying a wide variety of intelligence disciplines in conjunction with AI-powered software, we identify malicious activity for you.


If an acute threat is identified, you will be contacted immediately and recommendations for action will be made.


Graphical visualization of fraud related to cryptocurrencies or the darknet is one of the most promising methods.


We have worldwide contacts with law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and international investigative authorities.


Use Big Data analytics to your advantage.

Together against fraud.
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