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What are economic investigations?

Economic investigations

Foreus economic investigations are a specialized service designed to provide companies and individuals with critical information to protect them from potential threats and losses. Our team of experienced analysts and investigators draws on a broad range of resources and techniques to solve complex white-collar crimes such as fraud, corruption, competition violations and intellectual property theft.
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Total loss

In 2022, the damage caused by white-collar crime amounted to over 42 billion euros. The number of unreported cases is high.

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Per company

On average, affected companies suffered losses of 1.7 million euros in 2022.

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Loss of Sales

On average, each affected company lost 5% of its turnover.


Before damage occurs


after occurrence of damage


Economic investigations effectively protect customers from hidden business risks and promote their competitiveness.

Protect your operational values through proactive measures.

Protect your operational values through proactive measures.

Gain in-depth insights with our business intelligence services to minimize risk and make smart business decisions. Our experts provide you with fraud protection and insight into critical business information to protect your investments. Discretion and accuracy are at the forefront. Take the first step towards a secure future.

Case studies

#1 Due Diligence: Company Acquisition

A global investment company planned to acquire an emerging tech startup. In order to obtain a well-founded picture of the target company’s financial, legal and operational situation, Foreus commissioned it to carry out a comprehensive due diligence review. Corporate acquisition Foreus analyzed the startup’s balance sheets, annual reports and contracts, assessed the market position, examined intellectual property and patents and carried out background checks on executives. The experts also examined potential legal risks, including ongoing or potential litigation and compliance issues. The thorough investigation uncovered hidden risks including overvalued assets and undisclosed legal disputes. Additionally, some potential intellectual property issues were identified.


The results of the due diligence review allowed the investment company to reevaluate its purchase decision and gain a stronger negotiating position. Thanks to the insights, the purchase price could be appropriately reassessed and special guarantees and protections could be included in the purchase contract to compensate for the identified risks. This protected the investing company from subsequent financial losses and helped make a strategically sound and well-considered acquisition decision.

#2 Due Diligence: Investing in real estate funds

A private investor planned to invest in a large real estate fund that specialized in commercial real estate in Europe. In order to make an informed decision, he commissions Foreus to carry out a comprehensive due diligence review of the fund portfolio and fund transactions. Foreus conducted a comprehensive due diligence review of the fund portfolio and operations. The audit included analysis of the fund’s assets, assessment of market position, assessment of the management team and analysis of financial performance. In addition, the audit assessed market conditions, the potential for future developments and the stability of rental income.


Foreus’ due diligence identified key growth opportunities and hidden risks not previously identified. This allowed the investor to make an informed decision about the investment. The results of the audit allowed the investor to secure his investment and increase the likelihood of a stable return.

#3 Economic investigation: Embezzlement in a bank

A medium-sized bank discovered irregularities in its balance sheet that indicated possible internal embezzlement. The suspicion was directed against a long-time employee in the lending business who is said to have carried out unauthorized transactions. Foreus was commissioned by the bank to discreetly investigate the matter. The investigation included forensic analysis of financial data and analysis of transaction history. A number of fictitious transactions and fictitious credit accounts were identified. In addition, electronic communications and network activity were monitored to find evidence of collusive acts.


The investigation revealed that an employee of the bank had set up a sophisticated system to divert funds from the fund to external accounts. Foreus worked closely with the bank’s legal department to preserve evidence for legal action and helped recover the stolen funds. Thanks to the detection of the fraud, the bank was able to improve its internal controls, restore stakeholder trust and avoid significant financial losses.

#4 Background check of a business partner

A European construction company that wanted to implement a new series of projects in the Middle East was looking for a supplier. To ensure that the collaboration would be successful in the long term, a comprehensive background check of the potential partner was essential. Foreus conducted a comprehensive background check that included business registry reviews, financial due diligence, reputation screening and operational and compliance risk analysis. In addition, references were obtained and the supplier’s former business partners were interviewed.


The background check of the potential supplier by Foreus revealed various discrepancies in their business practices. These discrepancies indicated that there had been supply bottlenecks and quality fluctuations in the past. Based on these findings, the construction company was able to weigh up the risks of working with the supplier and ultimately decided on an alternative supplier with a better track record. This decision helped to ensure long-term project quality and reliability.

Intelligence & Investigation

We combine traditional investigative methods with the latest digital forensics tools to create a comprehensive picture of our clients’ situations. Our services include, among other things, checking backgrounds and connections, analyzing financial transactions and uncovering hidden risks in order to strengthen our customers in strategic decisions and secure their economic interests. Foreus always acts in strict compliance with legal and ethical frameworks to ensure the integrity of our clients and the confidentiality of their data. We provide tailored solutions and strategic advice to ensure our clients remain competitive in the global marketplace and protected from fraud and other harmful activities.
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