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What are cyber investigations?

Cyber investigations

Cyber Investigations at Foreus offers advanced solutions to detect and combat cybercrime. Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art technologies and innovative approaches to identify, analyze and neutralize digital security threats for our customers. We focus on investigating cyberattacks, data theft, identity theft and other forms of digital abuse that threaten the security and stability of corporate operations.
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Total Loss

In 2022, cyber crimes caused damage of over 5 trillion euros worldwide.

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Small & Medium Sized Enterprises

Almost half of the total attacks were carried out on small and medium-sized businesses.

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Only 3 out of 20 companies are preventively protected against such dangers.


Before damage occurs


after occurrence of damage


Cyber investigations uncover digital threats and ensure your data and business integrity.

Don't let hackers stop you.

Don't let hackers stop you.

Keep your business at the forefront of security with our cyber investigation services. We detect threats, prevent data leaks and actively combat hacker attacks to protect your digital assets. Our investigators use the latest technologies to provide comprehensive defenses, ensure compliance and help keep your operations running. Don’t let cybercrime stunt your growth.

Case studies

#1 Investigation of cyber crimes and character assassination

An aspiring entrepreneur has been the target of a character assassination campaign in which several defamatory articles were posted online. The articles spread quickly and had devastating consequences for the entrepreneur. Business partners terminated their collaboration, customers withdrew and the entrepreneur’s good reputation suffered significantly. Foreus was commissioned by the entrepreneur to investigate the character assassination campaign. The forensic experts began analyzing the digital traces left by the perpetrators. Using specialized cyber intelligence tools, they were able to identify the IP addresses of the servers from which the articles were published. These IP addresses were then compared with known perpetrator profiles. Social media and web forums were also analyzed to uncover connections between the defamatory content and possible responsible parties.


Foreus’ investigations revealed that a competitor of the entrepreneur had initiated the character assassination campaign. The competitor wanted to force the entrepreneur out of the market and strengthen his own position. Identifying the perpetrator enabled the entrepreneur to take legal action and publicly refute the defamation. With the support of Foreus, the entrepreneur was able to restore his reputation, reactivate lost partnerships and claim compensation for the resulting business damage.

#2 Detecting a deepfake attack

An international, listed company fell victim to a sophisticated deepfake attack. A video purportedly showing the CEO discussing the company’s financial woes went viral, causing widespread concern among shareholders and a short-term drop in the share price. The company commissioned Foreus to review the video. Foreus was able to prove through image and sound analysis that it was a deepfake. At the same time, the Darknet and forums were searched for clues to the authors. The investigation revealed that a rival company was behind the creation of the deepfake video to manipulate the market in their favor. In close cooperation with the Group’s legal teams and the responsible authorities, criminal prosecution of the perpetrators was initiated.


Foreus’ quick and professional response was able to limit the damage to the company. Clarifying the deepfake prevented long-term damage to market value and restored investor confidence. In addition, on the recommendation of Foreus, the Group implemented improved monitoring measures for information circulating on the Internet relating to the company in order to be able to detect and refute such incidents in advance in the future.

#3 Detecting industrial espionage

A high-tech manufacturing company was the target of a targeted cyberattack in which the attackers stole confidential data about new products and technologies. The loss of this information resulted in a significant loss of knowledge and financial loss for the company. Foreus was hired to investigate suspicious data leaks. Foreus experts used advanced surveillance techniques and forensic IT methods to detect unusual network activity and unauthorized access to information. Foreus’ investigation led to the identification of several internal employees who sold confidential information about new products and technologies to a competitor. By carefully tracking communication channels and money flows, Foreus was able to convict the perpetrators.


Foreus’ detection and disruption of espionage activities allowed the company to protect its valuable information and restore operational integrity. In addition, the company’s security measures have been comprehensively revised to prevent future incidents.

#4 Managing a Ransomware Attack

A medium-sized company fell victim to a devastating ransomware attack that completely paralyzed the company’s IT systems. Critical business data was encrypted and the attackers demanded a ransom worth millions. Foreus took charge of crisis management and conducted negotiations with the hackers. The IT forensics identified the vulnerabilities and isolated the systems. Thanks to the measures, the company was able to resume business operations. Foreus was able to minimize the hackers’ demands through targeted negotiations. In the meantime, the IT specialists regained control of the systems. A breakthrough in forensic analysis led to the discovery of the vulnerabilities exploited in the attack.


The customer benefited from the reduced ransom amount, protection against data loss and the increased understanding of their own IT security situation. Foreus’ advice helped implement future cyber security measures and increase resilience to such attacks.

Intelligence & Investigation

Our cyber investigators work closely with IT security teams to identify network vulnerabilities, strengthen defenses against future attacks, and respond quickly in the event of a security incident. We offer a full range of cyber investigation services including forensic analysis, breach containment and incident recovery. By combining proven investigative techniques with deep technological expertise, Foreus ensures our customers are protected from increasingly complex cyber threats and can operate with confidence in a digitally connected world.
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