Intelligence against Crime

Our services

Economic investigations

Economic investigations by Foreus provide critical information to protect businesses and individuals from threats and losses.

Our experienced team investigates complex white-collar crimes such as fraud, corruption, competition violations and theft of intellectual property.

Cyber investigations

Foreus offers advanced cyber investigations to combat cybercrime.

Our team of experts uses state-of-the-art technologies to identify, analyze and neutralize digital threats.

We focus on cyber attacks, data theft and identity misuse that jeopardize the security of companies.

Crypto investigations

Crypto investigations at Foreus are a specialized service designed to address emerging and existing challenges in dealing with cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

In view of the increasing use of cryptocurrencies and the anonymity associated with them, we develop tailor-made strategies to combat offenses such as money laundering, fraud, theft and other financial crimes in the crypto world.

Our experience in other cases

Economic forensics

Foreus is conducting an in-depth due diligence for a planned merger of two leading pharmaceutical companies.

Cybersecurity audit

A cyber security audit for an international bank to develop potential vulnerabilities and defense strategies against future attacks.

Investigations into insider trading

Foreus investigates suspicious trading patterns that could indicate insider trading at a multinational energy company.

Investigations into cryptocurrency theft

Investigation into the theft of cryptocurrencies worth several million euros for a private investment company.

Risk assessment for a Real estate portfolio

A risk and security assessment of high-quality real estate investments for a European family office.

Verification of Supply chain integrity

Foreus analyzes and confirms the security measures within the supply chain of a large retailer.

Intelligence reporting

Creation of a customized intelligence report for the assessment of political risks for an international non-governmental organization.

Protection of intellectual Ownership

Foreus supports a start-up in the technology sector in securing and protecting its patented innovations against imitation and misuse.

Background checks for managers

Conducting background checks for potential new executives of a Fortune 500 company.

Cyber defense strategy development

The development of preventive defense strategies against targeted cyber attacks for a software development company.