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What are crypto investigations?

Crypto investigations

Crypto investigations at Foreus are a specialized service designed to address emerging and existing challenges in dealing with cryptocurrencies and digital assets. In view of the increasing use of cryptocurrencies and the anonymity associated with them, we develop tailor-made strategies to combat offenses such as money laundering, fraud, theft and other financial crimes in the crypto world.
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Illegal transfers

In total, around 12 billion euros are fraudulently transferred. This includes e.g. ransom payments, money laundering or payments on the dark web.

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The increase in fraudulent activities in this context is 50% compared to the previous year.

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Illegal transactions

0.15% of all cryptocurrency transactions are therefore illegal.


Before damage occurs


after occurrence of damage


Crypto investigations uncover fraud and secure investments in the volatile digital currency market.

Use our service to comply with all money laundering and tax regulations.

Use our service to comply with all money laundering and tax regulations.

Stay one step ahead with our specialized crypto investigation services. We expose fraudulent schemes, prevent financial abuse and ensure your digital currencies are secured against unauthorized access. With in-depth analysis and state-of-the-art intelligence, we maintain the integrity of your transactions and help you assert yourself in the volatile crypto market. Trust our expertise to overcome the challenges of the crypto world.

Case studies

#1 Crypto Scam

A FinTech company discovered unusual activity in its cryptocurrency transactions that could indicate internal fraud. Foreus was commissioned to conduct an in-depth investigation to clarify the suspicious transactions and the parties behind them. The investigation included detailed blockchain analysis to identify the source and destination of the questionable transfers. By analyzing the blockchain data, Foreus was able to identify the wallet addresses involved and trace the suspicious transactions back to an external hacker. The hacker had gained access to internal systems through social engineering and was able to carry out the cryptocurrency transactions.


Thanks to Foreus’ quick resolution of the case, the company was able to prevent further fraudulent withdrawals. Findings from the investigation were used to strengthen security protocols and train employees on how to safely handle sensitive information. Foreus’ intervention also enabled prompt reporting to regulators, helping to maintain corporate integrity in the FinTech industry.

#2 Crypto Exchange Audit

After a leading crypto exchange discovered irregularities in its transaction logs, it commissioned Foreus to conduct a security audit to determine the causes and improve the security of its platform. Foreus commissioned its team of crypto forensics experts to conduct a comprehensive review of platform security, transaction history, and wallet integrities. The audit covered the physical hardware, software infrastructure, and application security protocols and cryptographic procedures. The audit found that vulnerabilities in the API security of third-party integrations allowed unauthorized access. In addition, opportunities for improvement were identified


The crypto exchange was able to strengthen its security architecture with the insights and recommendations provided by Foreus, thereby strengthening user trust in the platform. The implementation of the proposed measures resulted in a significant reduction in the risk of future security breaches and strengthened the exchange’s market position as a trusted authority for crypto trading.

#3 Investment scams

A client visited Foreus after investing significant sums in a supposedly profitable investment company, which then unexpectedly broke contact and stopped making the agreed payouts. Foreus’ investigative team conducted a comprehensive review of the company’s background, including analysis of annual reports, financial records and communications with management. The authenticity of the investment opportunity was critically assessed with the help of expert knowledge in the financial sector and the latest analysis techniques. Foreus’ investigation revealed that the investment company was in fact a Ponzi scheme. The evidence collected allowed the client to take legal action, which resulted in the closure of the fraudulent operation and the arrest of those responsible.


Thanks to Foreus’ quick action and thorough investigation, the customer was able to not only uncover the fraud, but also recover some of their invested capital. The detailed educational work also helped him to improve his risk management strategies and to make future investment decisions on a well-founded basis.

#4 Crypto scams

An investor discovered that a significant amount of cryptocurrencies had been stolen from his wallet. The encrypted and complex transaction chains made it difficult to trace the stolen assets. Foreus’ blockchain analysts tracked the stolen cryptocurrencies using advanced software. The transactions were traced to several barter exchange platforms and some darknet marketplaces. Foreus’ investigation revealed a number of crypto wallets that were linked to illegal activities. Foreus then worked with various crypto exchanges to freeze these accounts.


Thanks to Foreus’ precise investigations and the investor’s quick response, part of the lost assets were recovered. The investor also received relevant advice from Foreus on how to secure his digital assets and preventative measures to prevent future thefts. The case highlights the importance of strengthening security protocols in digital asset management and conducting strategic monitoring.

Intelligence & Investigation

Our skilled team of investigators uses blockchain analytics to track transactions, identify suspicious activity, and decrypt digital money flows. We combine legal expertise with technical expertise to not only detect illegal activities, but also to take preventative measures against future threats. Foreus helps organizations securely and effectively harness the potential of blockchain technology by bringing clarity to the often opaque world of crypto transactions. With our crypto investigations, we ensure that our customers can maintain the integrity of their digital assets and increase trust in their financial transactions.
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