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Your wallet was hacked and your cryptocurrencies were sent to another receiving address, then we are the right contact for you. We receive inquiries regarding so-called wallet hacks on a daily basis. In the process, a phishing mail or other unauthorized access to your terminal device taps into your access data, or you log in to a fake website yourself and the other party watches you enter your access data.

This is exactly when your cryptocurrencies or NFTs are transferred to another wallet and you no longer have access to them.



The procedure for this is precisely defined in our standardized products. First of all, the recipient wallet is investigated by means of a crypto-forensic examination and the further strategy is determined on this basis. For a positive outcome of the case, it is necessary that you conduct a video call with our case manager and describe the facts of the case in detail. All the data you have available and also provide to us is essential for the positive outcome of your case. Important data is mainly the transaction history, possible log-in attempts as well as names, email addresses, social media and Telegram profiles of the perpetrators. All this information condenses the chain of evidence.

The results are recorded in a report that can be used in court and prepared for the prosecution authorities and public prosecutors’ offices in such a way that the steps taken, the related findings and the resulting results are presented in a simplified form with graphic visualizations, probability derivations and recommendations for action.

In this regard, we are available at all times as a point of contact for attorneys, public prosecutors and law enforcement agencies. This area is extremely important because, understandably, the necessary technical understanding is often lacking among these occupational groups.

How long does it take to refurbish a wallet hack?

It is very difficult to estimate in advance how long it will take until a positive outcome can be expected, because it always depends on the country in which the perpetrators are located and to what extent our work can be used to establish a traceability and a personal reference. The success rate for Wallet Hack’s, NFT Hack’s is 40% for us, the success rate is based on the points in how many cases money is returned to the victim. We have processed 150 such cases.

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