Securing OTC trades

You have lost in a person to person OTC Trade Lost all your money and don’t know what to do because you transferred your Bitcoins and received counterfeit money in return? In such a case, only one thing counts and that is speed. We receive inquiries again and again, where during the implementation of such a business, counterfeit money was handed over and the perpetrators are untraceable.


In such cases, we act on your behalf in the field of crypto-forensics and obtaining information that can be used in court. In doing so, we usually go to the place where the money was handed over, because often this happens in hotels where there is camera surveillance, so we can possibly get good pictures of the perpetrators. Accordingly, through our analysts, the entire network with AI-assisted software to find out where the originators are located. Despite everything, the implementation of crypto-forensics is also essential in this case to determine, on the one hand, where the funds are located and, on the other hand, whether access can be made on a central exchange.

We work in this area as a link between law enforcement agencies and public prosecutors. We will take care of all communication for you, so that you can move forward quickly in this matter. The speed in such a case is so important precisely so that the perpetrators are not given a chance to escape into a lawless space. This is because if the perpetrators have already managed to return to countries such as Russia, India or a third country, access to the cryptocurrencies is usually no longer possible.

You have the intention to execute an OTC trade

If you plan to execute such an OTC trade, we are able to hedge this transaction accordingly. In this case, an Investigation Specialist from us travels with you to the planned meeting point and secures this business accordingly. This provides you with a security factor on the spot, as it is not uncommon for other criminal actions to be set during such transactions.

In addition, we are able to carry out personal checks in over 240 countries worldwide. This can be pre-screened and we can provide background checks for those who wish to do such business with you.

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Contact us and we will take preventive action for you and in case of damage we can collect all the necessary evidence for you to make the perpetrators tangible.