Proof of funds

With a proof of funds origin, you as a crypto investor prove the legitimate origin of your financial resources. By doing so, financial institutions, banks, and crypto exchanges ensure that your funds are not derived from the commission of crimes such as money laundering, terrorist financing, or darknet transactions. We will provide you with a full report that graphically breaks down your money path and assesses the risk. If the sums involved are less than €50,000, we will be happy to advise you on how to prepare a proof of origin of funds yourself in a targeted manner and what steps you need to follow.

In English-speaking countries, a proof of funds is a “proof of funds” or “source of wealth” proof. We are a specialized service provider who will create a software-based proof of funds for you, granting you legal title to frozen assets with your crypto exchange or we will assist you in divesting and transferring to a commercial bank to access your crypto assets.

Assuming that as a crypto owner you have a problem with being able to prove your source of funds, then we are the right contact to support you in all matters including legal advice. We specialize in providing you with full support in all matters relating to the applicable money laundering regulations in relation to cryptocurrencies.

Your data is safe with us!

For most people who are affected by determining your source of funds, this represents a significant invasion of privacy, not least because the idea of cryptocurrencies is to protect privacy. At Foreus, we know that 99% of investors in such digital asset classes are honest savers and have no criminal ulterior motive when buying or trading cryptocurrencies. For this very reason, it is essential for us to determine the legally secure source of funds for those affected as cleanly as possible and without further invasion of privacy. Due to our internal “need to know principle” only our case manager learns how much assets you hold in cryptocurrencies, our intelligence analysts who process the order never learn the name of the client. This is part of our internal compliance regulations to ensure maximum security for our customers.

If you need proof of funds, you will be in communication with our case manager throughout the processing period. In the first cycle, our case manager will collect the data together with you and, if necessary, we will also contact the bank to which your crypto assets are to be transferred and take over the communication in order to be able to handle all points precisely.

If you have a problem with a crypto exchange freezing your funds due to conspicuous transactions, we will likewise handle the communication and provide the source of funds so that you can access your money again.

You can download our created sample report under the product category, “Crypto Risk Assessment” and can see the form in which we provide the source of funds for you.

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