Investment fraud

Have you fallen for an investment scam and don’t know what to do next because all your assets have been misappropriated? For example, you were contacted on social media or were persuaded to invest by acquaintances? Then we have the solution for you with our services. We will help you in a results-oriented manner and follow the path of funds for you. Find out here how it all works and how it benefits you.

The reappraisal of your case

In the first cycle, you will conduct a video call with our case manager and explain the facts of the case. If desired, the initial interview would of course also be possible at a personal meeting. The important thing here is that you provide us with all the data you have collected on the current fraud offense. Screenshots of the fake pages or your walltes are especially important. The transmitted data should definitely include the entire transaction history if the transfer has taken place via crypto-transaction. If it is not possible for you to access the transaction history, our case manager will of course assist you with this. If the transactions were made by normal FIAT transfer through the bank, data such as IBAN, BIC and account number are essential. Also, any names, phone numbers and email addresses you can provide will massively increase the chance of success.

Once you have provided us with all the data and the entire facts of the case are clear to us, we begin the software-based forensic preparation of the case. In the course of this, we visualize the path of the money and record everything graphically in our report. Based on our findings, we then provide recommendations for action by law enforcement agencies, attorneys, and prosecutors. It always depends on whether your funds are on a decentralized exchange or on a central exchange lie and whether the perpetrators are known or unknown. Depending on the initial situation, we determine our methods.

Our successes

So far, we have solved over 90 fraud cases in this context, with a success rate of 70%. The likelihood of success also depends on how long ago the fraud occurred. Experience has shown that the first month is the most promising and that the chances of success are limited by 10% with each passing month.

Approximately 5,000 reports of such fraud are filed in Austria each year, but the success rate is dwindling. A major problem here is the speed with which work is carried out, because as already described, the chances of success decrease by 10% for every month. Nevertheless, if you hire us, it is important that you file a police report in the same breath.

Your output

At the end of our work, it is important for us to have visualized the perpetrators and reconstructed the path of the money to such an extent that, firstly, a personal reference to the transactions can be established and, secondly, it is clear in which country and on which exchange the money is located.

Thus, according to our work, a lawyer can obtain an international appeal from the public prosecutor’s office or the public prosecutor’s office must file an international appeal in order for investigations to be implemented in the respective country. Crypto – Exchanges will support you in this process only if you bring our court-qualified opinion in conjunction with a complaint and a document from a lawyer.

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