White Collar

Espionage activities of foreign states are directed against business, science and research. The potential damage is enormous. The unwanted outflow of know-how directly jeopardizes the economic success of a company, but indirectly also the competitiveness and stability of our national economy.

Both industrial espionage and competitive spying do not follow a uniform pattern. States and companies operate them depending on their specific needs and taking into account the options available to them. Countries with technology deficits are more interested in business-related research results and concrete products, while highly industrialized countries are primarily interested in economic and economic policy strategies. Competitor spying, on the other hand, which is generally more short-term in nature, is aimed more at obtaining detailed information on markets, technologies and customers.

The focus of the research efforts is mainly on technology-oriented and innovative companies and universities. The current focus is on information and communications technology, biotechnology, optoelectronics, automotive and mechanical engineering, aerospace technology, and energy and environmental technology.

Particularly at risk are the small and medium-sized companies operating in these areas, which have valuable expertise but lack the human and financial resources of the major corporations to implement holistic security concepts. In addition, security awareness is not yet particularly pronounced in many of these companies. Companies believe they are not at risk and assume that security measures are not economically viable.

  1. Almost every company can be a target of espionage – the decisive factor is not the size, but exclusively whether valuable know-how is available.
  2. Companies operating in critical countries are at particular risk of falling victim to know-how theft. You should specifically address the issue of travel safety.
  3. Know-how protection should be established and developed as part of the corporate culture – the establishment of an individually adapted security concept provides the basis for this.

Our work ensures that you are well prepared for such scenarios. We ensure all these hazards, in turn, by obtaining information and surveying the ACTUAL status. In doing so, we provide you with a result report specifically tailored to your industry and thus give you a recommendation for action.

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