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Forex fraud

It has never been easier to gain access to the world’s financial markets than it is now. With just a few mouse clicks you can trade the price development of Euro, Dollar, DAX Index, Gold and many other values. There are thousands of financial instruments to choose from, depending on what you are most interested in.

The potential profits to be made in online trading are tempting, but not easy to generate. The following factors are important if you want to become a successful trader:

  • A comprehensive trading education
  • A sufficiently filled trading account
  • A good understanding of risk management

However, in Forex & CFD trading there are also many fraudulent brokers who want to make quick money by means of trading scams. As long as the financial market exists, there will be CFD fraud. Unfortunately, that much is certain. How you can recognize trading scams to make your trading reputable is what we want to outline here.

Investment fraud takes many different forms. Some scams are even named after their inventors, such as the Ponzi Scheme, which is called “Ponzi Scheme” in English, after its inventor Charles Ponzi. Fraudulent brokers mainly target beginners and poorly educated traders.

The best way to counter this is to acquire in-depth trading knowledge so that you know about all eventualities before you enter the market.

Have you been a victim of a Forex scam?

However, if you have fallen victim to a fraud, we are able to provide you with the best evidence for any criminal proceedings. This includes the use of specially trained and experienced personnel as well as the use of software solutions that are applied in this area. To give a guarantee as to whether you will get your money back would be extremely frivolous in such complex circumstances.

Pay attention to so-called money recovery services, because such services are usually set up by the Forex scammers themselves and would only gobble up more money without you being able to expect a positive outcome from it.

We prepare expert opinions that can be used in court and, together with a lawyer, we can manage to bring the perpetrators to criminal proceedings.

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