Background check

The internationalization of the labor market and the legal framework prior to the conclusion of a business partnership entail additional measures. These additional measures should be taken in advance to avoid putting your business at risk.

In order to obtain a complete overview of your applicants, business partners or suppliers, it is necessary to subject them to a comprehensive review in advance. Complete documentation of the knowledge gained is essential in terms of compliance guidelines. Among other things, companies are helped to make the right personnel decisions and to engage only with reputable business partners.

  • A background check helps provide a basis for decision-making before initiating business.
  • A background check sorts out false candidates in advance.
  • A background check helps keep corporate security at a high level.
  • A backgrund check prevents white-collar crime, industrial espionage and industrial espionage.

Central Intelligence

With “Central Intelligence“, we offer companies and exposed personalities a basis for decision-making for future cooperations and business partnerships through data protection background checks.

In addition, we create more reputational security before entering into business relationships.

The use of open source intelligence (obtaining information from publicly accessible sources on the Internet), human intelligence (obtaining information via respondents) and querying databases (e.g. sanctions lists, credit reports and lists of bogus companies) reveals legal pitfalls in advance. The documentation of the obtained results is complete. In the event of findings relevant to criminal law, legal recommendations for action can be made by our attorneys.

The best way to avoid a bad hire is to conduct a background check. Before offering a job to a candidate, it is advisable to conduct a background check. This review uncovers any details a person might hide during the application process.

This process allows your company to hire only serious and qualified candidates!

What is required for a background check:

A background check is also referred to as a background check or pre-employment screening. In order to be able to perform such verification, we need the following information from you of the natural person:

  • First name and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Residence

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Central Intelligence


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