Law Partnership

Our goal is to create an ecosystem between lawyers and Foreus. It is important to us to work with the best in your field.

You want to shift the burden of proof to a
Condensing court proceedings?

We obtain information for you in the following cases:

  • Economic crime, industrial espionage and industrial espionage
  • Crypto and financial crime
  • Character assassination campaigns, identity theft and fake news

We offer:

  • 24/7 consulting
  • Case requests are processed immediately
  • Our customers who come from your state will be forwarded to you
  • Only one law firm per 100,000 inhabitants of a city or state is included in the partner program
  • Monthly call with the entire partner network (expert talk)
  • Participation in the annual Round Table in Vienna
  • Direct contact with law enforcement agencies in the DACH region
  • In the case of transnational criminal cases, the entire partner network can be drawn upon

Become part of our Law Partnership program today.
We help you lure more clients and obtain the right evidence in criminal cases.