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Foreus Insurance Security Service, includes all services related to the topics, prevention of hacking attacks, crypto forensic investigations, detection of digital insurance fraud and IT forensics. The consulting services of our subject matter experts and former members of law enforcement and intelligence agencies ensure effective consulting services and the implementation of processes and standardized procedures in fraud detection.

Our Insurance Security Service is built on the most fundamental pillars of results-oriented loss prevention. Our researchers in the Global Operations Center ensure that through a multi-stage information gathering process, the sorting of sourced data and the interpretation of sourced findings, results-oriented and with maximum diligence, the detection of crimes related to digitalization are processed in a targeted and cost-efficient manner.

Our services require focus in the process, foresight in the interpretation of data and, on the one hand, insurance companies that are willing to see the need for digitization and, accordingly, to be able to profitably offer insurance services to their corporate customers in this time of change. Join our Insurance Security Program and benefit from our hands-on expertise and standardized processes for implementing digital insurance services.

A range of services that we can implement for you in your insurance company, securing the value chain is our mission to support insurers in the implementation of digital insurance services in terms of security.

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Hacker attacks

With our know-how we create visualizations of crime scenes and perpetrators or groups of perpetrators. For this purpose, we combine information from Darknet, Deepweb and Clearnet.

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Fraud detection

Through our worldwide network and the use of international compliance databases, we can detect suspected criminals at an early stage and map their possible intentions on the basis of probabilities.


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Blockchain Intelligence

Deepweb Intelligence

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Cybercrime Prevention as a Service


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Central Intelligence

Central Intelligence

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