Frequently asked questions about cases involving financial loss (e.g., investment fraud, hacking, wallet hack):

How can I be helped?2022-08-29T14:58:22+02:00

We help victims of investment fraud and hacking, as well as lawyers, to obtain evidence in case of crypto crime. This includes the crypto forensic processing of the transactions and the interpretation of the money flow on the blockchain. We produce detailed reports that contain crypto asset flow, including visual charts, that can be used by law enforcement authorities during an investigation. Optionally, we can accompany the retrieval process and, if necessary, act as a mediator in an out-of-court settlement.

How can I get a free initial assessment?2022-08-29T14:59:30+02:00

Please click on the “Get a free initial assessment” button on our homepage. Fill out the form and write a brief summary of what happened. Concentrate on the facts (not e.g., on your own investigations, etc.). Make sure the transaction data is in a copy and paste format, we cannot copy and paste files from screenshots. Without the transaction ID (TXID) we cannot perform any preliminary feasibility study. You can then select and book a free appointment for a video call for a detailed evaluation.

How does the payment process work?2022-08-29T15:03:38+02:00

We charge for our services in advance. A transparently itemized offer clearly shows how high the costs are for the case at hand. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to provide our services on a commission basis.

What happens after I start an investigation?2022-08-29T15:00:20+02:00

After you have initiated a forensic investigation via our website and booked an appointment for the video call, our case manager will contact you on the chosen date to carry out a detailed evaluation of your case.

How long does case processing take?2022-08-29T15:04:04+02:00

The forensic investigation of the present case is completed after a few days. If we are commissioned to accompany the return process, this can take weeks or months.

How will my data and information be treated?2022-08-29T15:01:32+02:00

According to the so-called “need-to-know principle”, our employees and partners only know what is absolutely necessary for the fulfillment of the order. You will only be in contact with strictly checked and trained employees, the so-called POCs (Point of Contacts).

How do I deal with blackmail or fraud?2022-08-29T15:02:22+02:00

We advise you not to communicate independently with the extortionists or the scammers. It is advisable to contact us, especially during negotiations. Take your time writing down the facts and collect evidence (screenshots, e-mails, etc.).

Is there a guarantee to get my money or digital tokens back?2022-08-29T15:03:06+02:00

Foreus is a private messaging service, not a recovery agency. We produce reports used in court that contain crypto asset flow including visual charts. The reports can be used by law enforcement authorities in the course of an investigation and lead to asset recovery. We guarantee that we can determine where the crypto assets are located, however we cannot guarantee in advance whether repatriation of the funds will be possible. After conducting the feasibility study, we assess each case individually and offer an honest opinion on whether the case is worth engaging with us.


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